Virtual Ride with Mile by Mile Photos

The majority of these photos were taken in September of 2006. The Mileage and Ride Time (RT) figures were taken from my bike computer. Ride Time is time actually moving not total trip time. With rest breaks my total trip time is much longer. There are two photos with the each Mile and RT listing. Unless marked otherwise the first photo is the view up the trail (north) and the second is the view looking back (south). Two views for the price of one.

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The best place to park is at the
Durbin Trailhead next to Route 250.
Then & Now: How it looked here in 1948.

A small *WARNING* before you start.
Along the trail between Durbin and Glady there are no homes, businesses, cell phone service, people or safe drinking water. Even though Forest Road 44 runs parallel to the trail it doesn't have much (if any) traffic. If you have trouble in the middle of the trail you might well be ten miles from any help.
Be Prepared.

Mile: 0   RT 0:00
There are no mile markers on the trail
so I use this gate at the trailhead
as the zero mile marker and start the
measuring from here.
Mile: 1   RT 0:06

Mile: 1.6 
Mountain Lick Creek Bridge
Mile: 2   RT 0:13

Mile: 3   RT 0:19

Mile: 4   RT 0:26

Mile: 5   RT 0:32

Mile: 5.1  
Allegheny Trail 701 and
trail access point
Mile: 6   RT 0:38

Mile: 6.9   
Little River Bridge
Mile: 6.9   
Little River Bridge Benchmark
What is a Benchmark?
Second images is how this particular
benchmark is represented on the
Durbin WV 7.5 minute topographical
(BM 2919 means that this BenchMark
is 2919 feet above sea level.)
Mile: 7   RT 0:44
Location of the town of Burner.
How Burner looked in 1910. Burner, West Virginia - 1910
Mile: 7   
To Span Oak Trail and
trail access point
Mile: 8   RT 0:52

Mile: 9   RT 0:58

Mile: 9.1 
trail access point
Mile: 9.1 
West Fork Greenbrier River Bridge #1
From now until mile 12.1 the river will
be between the trail and Forest Rd 44.
View of West Fork Greenbrier River
from the bridge.
Mile: 10
Mile: 10   RT 1:05
Mile: 10.1
Town of May
(where the town used to stand)
How the town of May used to look in 1915 and 1920.

May, West Virginia-1915 Craddock Terry Co. Sweet-Orr Overalls In the photo of the store there's
a sign for "Sweet-Orr Overalls".
I did a little research and found this
pin. The letters BRRT stand for
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainman.
So I'm guessing that Sweet-Orr Overalls
are what the well dressed railroad
worker of the early 1900's wore.

Sweet-Orr Overalls pin
May Lumber Mill

There is a hiking path that crosses
the West Fork Trail here at May.
The hiking path uses stepping stones
to cross the river. The West Fork
Trail does not cross the river here.
Mile: 11   RT 1:12

Mile: 12   RT 1:20

Mile: 12.1   
West Fork Greenbrier River Bridge #2
Mile: 12.2
West Fork Greenbrier River Bridge #3
From here until the access point at Wildell
at mile 15.4 the river is again between
the trail and Forest Road 44.
Mile: 12.7
small bridge
Mile: 13   RT 1:26

Mile: 13.5
small bridge
Mile: 13.8
small bridge
Mile: 14   RT 1:33

Mile: 15   RT 1:39

Mile: 15.3   
Town of Wildell
This weekend camp looks to be the lone
company house from when a large lumber
mill used to be here. Behind the house is a
spring running into a old tub. I wouldn't
chance it's drinking safety but probably
OK to stick your head under on a hot day.
Wildell access point
Looking South
Looking North
How Wildell looked back in the early 1900's
Mile: 16   RT 1:45

Mile: 17   RT 1:52
Near here is the Lynn Divide. This marks
both the Pocahontas/Randolph county line and
dividing line between the Cheat River and
Greenbrier River watersheds. You'll know you
have crossed the divide when the water in the
ditch next to the trail starts flowing north.
Mile: 17.1
Trail access point
Mile: 18   RT 1:56

Mile: 18.6   
Allegheny Trail 701 and
High Falls Trail 345 and
trail access point.
The High Falls of the Cheat is across
Shavers Mountian from this point.
Mile: 19   RT 2:01

Mile: 19.3   
Civilization again.
First house you will see.
Then shortly a few more.
Mile: 19.6   
First of several gates that cross the
trail between here and Glady.
You don't have to open them but you
will have to walk your bike around them.
Mile: 20   RT 2:06

Mile: 21   RT 2:11

Mile: 21.5
Mile: 21.8  RT 2:15
This gate marks the end of the maintained section
of the West Fork Trail.
Just beyond the gate is the ....
.... Glady Trailhead .
This is not the end of the trail. To
continue the Virtual Ride click on the link for
Cross The Mountain, Miles 22 and Beyond.

Cross The Mountain, Miles 22 and Beyond

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