West Fork Trail Parking

Durbin Trailhead
Glady Trailhead
Parking on the Shavers Fork River side of Shavers Mountain

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Parking at the Durbin, WV trailhead
(Southern End of the Trail)

Durbin,WV (Google Maps)

Trailhead Map
The trailhead is located at the base of the
mountain on the edge of town right next to
Route 250.
If you are headed east on Rt. 250
look to your right just before you enter
The trailhead parking is limited but
you can park in Durbin if it's too crowded.
Of course I've never seen more than one
other car there.

Parking at the Glady WV Trailhead
(Northern end of maintained section of trail)

Glady, WV (Google Maps)

Trailhead Map
This trailhead is easy to find since Glady Road
dead ends at it.
Of course Glady is a bit off the
beaten path.
The second photo is a view of the trailhead
as seen from the end of the maintained trail
(trail mile 21.8).

Parking on the Shavers Fork River side of Shavers Mountain
(Trail not maintained but bikeable)

Glady, WV (Google Maps)

Trailhead Map
There is no proper trailhead or trails signs
on the Shavers Fork side of the mountain but
there is a place you can park.
From the Glady crossroads go east on County Rd 22.
After cresting the mountain on County Road 22 go
.4 mile downhill. There is a small gravel road on the
left side of the road. You can park along this small road.
The small road is quite short.
Go out the road and look on the right.
You will see a Forest Service gate down the hill.
There are ATV tracks going around the gate.
The trail is on the other side of the gate.
Left on the trail goes toward the closed tunnel.
Right heads toward the Shavers Fork River.

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