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Camping in Durbin

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Camping In Durbin

Durbin WV (Google Maps)

If after biking the West Fork Trail
you need a place to camp I can recommend
the East Fork Campground in Durbin.
Here is their official Web Page.
Mark Kane, the owner, is very friendly and can
tell you what it was like growing up in Durbin
when it was a busy railroading town.
The campground is next to the
East Fork Greenbrier River so you can
pitch your tent right next to the water if
you'd like. River is on the left of
this picture.
The campground is kept in near immaculate condition.
I felt like I was setting my tent up on someone's
front lawn. Of course it's a front lawn with picnic
tables, fire rings and motor home hookups. One small
complaint is with the bathroom. There is a odd strong
smell in the bathroom that's not a sewer smell. The owner
said it's from the propane gas used in the bathroom
heaters. He's planning to build new bathrooms.
Spending the night in the campground was fun because with
the town of Durbin just across the road it felt just like
when you camped in your back yard as a little kid.
An added treat was that the night I stayed there was a full
moon which is when the Durbin Rocket has a special night run.
You can hear the steam whistle echoing through the still night
air as the train made it's way back up the Greenbrier River
Valley. Then listen to the distant engine's chugging noises
become louder as it gets closer to town. Like going back in time.

Durbin Rocket

After spending a night at the campground
it would be a shame not to take a ride on
the Durbin Rocket. You can't miss seeing it
since it's next to the campground. I haven't
seen the 2008 schedule yet but they usually
have a run before noon. The ride is inexpensive
and a hoot. That's a Climax Locomotive.
Just a handful still in operation.
The trip takes around two hours, give or take.
You can ride inside or outside and are free
to move around the train at all times.
Front and back views of the train from the center.
The cabooses have a cupola you can sit up in.
In the first picture is one of the same series
of mile markers you will see on the
Greenbrier River Trail.
In the second picture is a section of track that
had previously been washed away in the flood of 1985.

Shopping in Glady

Glady WV (Google Maps)

There is only one business in Glady and this is it.
A combination Post Office and small store.
Considering the small space there was a
surprisingly varied amount of merchandise.
Even with the obvious lack of competition
the prices were lower than I would have
expected. Bottle of pop and a box of Cracker
Jacks came to $2.05. Not bad.
While this looks like something from Green
Acres don't expect Sam Drucker behind the
counter. The gentleman's demeanor was shall
we say, business like. He didn't seem the
type to want his picture taken. So I didn't.
The postal equipment looks to be from another
era but behind this partition someone, who I
assume is the postmistress, was working on
a computer.

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