West Fork Trail
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The West Fork Trail is a 27 mile long rail-trail that runs from Durbin WV to the Shavers Fork River. The main trail is 25.7 miles long with an additional 1.3 mile spur. It lies on the old railbed of the Coal & Iron Railroad which ran from Elkins to Durbin and first started service in 1903. The first 21 miles of trail between Durbin and Glady are maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. From Durbin the trail gains elevation as it runs along the West Fork Greenbrier River to it's headwaters at the Lynn Divide near trail mile 17. Then it's downhill to Glady along side the West Fork Glady Fork River. At Glady there is a steep road detour that takes you over Shavers Mountain to avoid the closed railroad tunnel. The section of trail on the Shavers Fork side of the mountain is not maintained but is easily bikeable. The trail ends where it meets the track from the West Virginia Central Railroad. This is an active rail line that is operated by the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad which runs the New Tygart Flyer along this section of the Shavers Fork River. The Greenbrier Junction Spur is the additional section of rail-trail that completes the West Fork Trail. It runs from Cheat Junction (on the West Fork Trail) to Greenbrier Juction which is farther up along the Shavers Fork River. About 1.6 miles up the Shavers Fork from Greenbrier Juction are the High Falls of the Cheat.


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Fun Places To Bike In West Virginia
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