Spruce Knob Lake Campground - Sinks Of Gandy Loop

This is the continuation of a bike loop that started at
Virtual Ride, First 12 Miles

Mile: 13  RT 2:15
Whitmer Road
Mile: 13.2 
Johnny Meadows Group Site
This campsite is for group camping and
horse camping. It is the only campsite
not between the road and the creek.
It also has the only pit toilet in the
whole Dispersed Camping Area.
Mile: 14  RT 2:21 
Whitmer Road
Mile: 14.3
Swimmin' Hole
Here is how to find the swimmin' hole.
Around mile 14.3 look for this
hiking sign. There is a campsite and
the Bee Run Trail trailhead. Get on the
trail and start across Gandy Creek on
the footbridge.
Look left from the foot bridge and you
will be looking at the swimmin' hole.
In the second photo look to the right
side of the water and you'll see the
large stone slab "beach".
Here I am recreating a scene from
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Delmar O'Donnell: "Them syreens
did this to Pete. They loved
him up and turned him into a
horny toad!"

I didn't see any syreens myself.
Bike, beach and bridge.
Mile: 15   RT 2:28
Whitmer Road
Back on the road.
Mile: 15.1
Lafe Elza Trail trailhead
Map Link
Elza Trail begins at County Road 29 
along Gandy Creek upstream from Bee 
Trail. Elza is similar to Bee Trail in 
scenery, and it also climbs to the top 
of Leading Ridge. At this junction 
however, Elza Trail continues down the 
other side of the ridge to the North 
Prong of Big Run. (2 miles)
Mile: 16  RT 2:36
Whitmer Road
Mile: 16.5
Leading Ridge Trail trailhead
Mile: 16.9
Big Run Trail trailhead
Mile: 17  RT 2:43
Whitmer Road
Critter on the road.
Not sure what kind of a snake it is.
At least it wasn't rattling at me like
this one was.
Mile: 17.5
End of Dispersed Camping Area
Mile: 18  RT 2:49
Whitmer Road
Mile: 18.6
Bridge across Gandy Creek.
The road climbs steadily and you lose
sight of the creek.
Mile: 19  RT 2:55
Whitmer Road
Mile: 19.4
This is a three way intersection.
Whitmer Road ends and both Gandy-Oceola
Road and Forest Road 1 begin. Go right
down Gandy-Oceola Road. We will be
coming back to this intersection.
Turning right here will take us to the
Sinks Of Gandy
Mile: 19.9
Intersection with County
Road 40. We are heading southwest.
CR 40 comes in from the northwest.
Continue going straight.
According to the wooden sign, the route to
Harman is CR 40. We take the route
toward Laurel Fork Campground.
When you get to this intersection the
landscape opens up dramatically.
Mile: 20  RT 3:02
Gandy Oceola Road
Mile: 20.7
Ahead is Yokum Knob. You can easily
spot it from Spruce Knob on this photo.
You can't see it of course but the
Sinks Of Gandy passes underground
directly in front of us.
Mile: 21  RT 3:09
Sinks Of Gandy gate
Right after you see Yokum Knob you'll
go uphill and then around a sharp turn.
As you go around the turn look to your
left and you'll see this gate. The
Sinks Of Gandy is on the other side of
this gate.
The view from the other
side of the gate.
Yokum Knob on the right.
Here is the path to the Sinks.
Remember that the Sinks sit on private
property. Since there were cattle
grazing nearby I didn't take my bike
onto the property. I just walked. It's
not far.
Sinks Of Gandy
Yokum Knob in the background
Views from the Sinks.
Outside and inside.
While standing outside of the Sinks I
was buzzed by an V-22 Osprey.
When you see one that close it looks
so ungainly it's hard to believe that
it can actually fly.
Mile: 22  RT 3:14
Gandy Oceola Road
Get on the road and go back the way we
came. This brings us back to the
intersection with Co. Road 40. Directly
in front is Pharis Knob. You can see it
from Spruce Knob on this photo.
Mile: 22.5 
Back at the three way intersection.
Just coming from a different direction.
Go right up Forest Road 1.
Mile: 23  RT 3:21
Forest Road 1
Why did the Ruffed Grouse cross the

Damned if I know.
Mile: 24  RT 3:29
Forest Road 1
Entering Spruce Knob - Seneca Rocks
National Recreation Area
Mile: 24.8
Spruce Knob Lake
The highest lake in the state.

Mile: 25  RT 3:38
Spruce Knob Lake Campground
We end the loop where we begain at the
campground entrance except now coming
from the opposite direction.
Total trip distance at almost exactly
25 miles.

Spruce Knob Lake Campground - Sinks Of Gandy Loop

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