Fernow Loop
The Forest
Bernhard Eduard Fernow
Chief of the Division of Forestry
of the United States from 1886 - 1898.
Called "the Father of American Forestry".
Wikipedia entry
Bernard Fernow

While not generally famous the Fernow Experimental
Forest seem to be well know within forestry circles.
A Google search shows 3830 hits with many of those being extracts
from published research papers. Here are some links of more general interest.
The Fernow Experimental Forest
Profile of the Fernow Experimental Forest
Virtual Tour of the Fernow
USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Timber and Watershed Lab
Fernow Experimental Forest
A history of the Fernow Experimental Forest and the Parsons Timber and watershed Laboratory

signs of Fernow
There are many informational signs throughout the forest
explaining research projects and other points of interest.
Here are pictures of most of them.

Click on photo to enlarge
DBH means Diameter at Breast Height.

Fernow Experimental Forest
Fernow Experimental Forest
Fernow Experimental Forest Map
Wilson Hollow Weir
Two Age Management
- Deferment Cutting
Zero Grade Trail
Biological Control Area
Management Intensity Plots
Patch Clearcutting
Single Tree Selection
Intensive Management
Patch Cutting Method
Thinning and Pruning
Stump Sprouts
Uneven Age Management
Fernow 08
Unit 3
Even Aged Forest Management
Farm Woods Management
Clearcut Harvest 1989-1990
Financial Maturity Cutting
Single Tree Selection
Even Age Management
Undisturbed Area
Clearcut 1969
Clearcut and Herbicided
Skyline Cable Logging Area
Sugar Maple Plantation

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