Dolly Sods Two Plains

For this ride I park at the beginning of Forest Road 70 just off of Forest Road 19. This is a gated road but there
is plenty of room to park before the gate. If there is no room you can park 0.2 mile uphill on FR 19 at the South
Prong Trail trailhead. This gate is closed from March 1-September 30. If you are there in the summer and the
gate is open DON'T drive down the road. You just might meet a Forest Service maintenance crew coming the
other way and be forced to back all the way out.
There are no signs for Forest Road 70.
Here's how it appears as seen from
Forest Road 19.

Directions to Forest Road 70:
From Petersburg: follow WV 28/55 south to Jordan Run Road. Turn right
and go 1 mile to Forest Road 19. Turn left and follow FR 19 6 miles to
the Dolly Sods Scenic Area. The wilderness is directly ahead of you at
the intersection with FR 75. Stay on FR 19.
You will see the South Prong Trail trailhead on the left. Forest Road 70
is 0.2 mile past the trailhead on the left.

From Seneca Rocks: go north on WV 28/55 to Jordan Run Road, and turn left.
Then follow the instructions directly above these.

From Canaan Valley: follow WV 32 south to the Laneville Road (WV 45).
Turn left and go approximately 6 miles to the Red Creek bridge, where the
road changes from pavement to gravel and is now Forest Road 19.
Continue on FR 19 for 2.6 miles. Forest Road 70 will be on your right.

From Harman: take WV 32 north to the Laneville Road (WV 45) and then proceed
as noted directly above.

Click here to view a Google map.
Forest Road 70 isn't marked but the map opens on top of the FR 19/FR 70 intersection.

Snapshots of Google maps with
road name added.
Red Creek bridge South Prong Trail trailhead

Where the loop is in West Virginia. Where the loop is in relation
to surrounding states.
Aerial photo. Topo map
(2.7 M)

Dolly Sods Two Plains "T"

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