Cass Loop

Whittaker Campground Info

Located off Route 66 above Cass WV

Official Whittaker Campground Website

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Whenever you stay at a privately owned
campground you never know what you might
find. I would describe the campground as
"rough around the edges" but I have
stayed there several times and will
When you arrive there is no check-in
station. There are also homes sharing
the same road so it's a little
confusing. Go to the left of the sign in
the photo.
The campground is broken up into three
levels. Here is a picture of the top
As you drive pass the top level you will
come to the bathhouse. My biggest minus
for the campground is the bathhouse.
On the Men's side there are two
toilets, a shower stall and one sink
in a maybe 11'x11' space. Very crowded.
It did have hot water.
The second level is for tents and
overflow for the RVs. There is also a
old trailer and a couple of broken down
school buses. There are electric/water
hookups on the left side of the road.
It's an extra $5 if you use a hookup so
make it clear if you aren't going to use
them. Otherwise tents $20 a night.
Or just camp on the right side of the
road. There are no numbered sites so
just setup where ever you want. The
owner Harry Gum will eventually drive by
in his pickup truck and you pay him.
Harry is very friendly. Before he
retired, Harry's job was to transport
prisoners between Huttonsville and the
state pen. Don't mess with Harry.
There is a third level to the
campground. It doesn't have any
electric/water hookups and it's farthest
from the bathhouse. It does have
one thing going for it..........
....The Cass Railroad runs just a few
feet from your tent.
There is one more thing about the
campground that I have to rate as Double
Plus Good. Unlimited free firewood. Hot
Damn. Literally

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