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Whittaker Campground and the beginning of
the loop in relation to the town of Cass.
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Detailed Ride Directions

I begin this bike loop at the entrance to Whittaker Campground above the town of Cass. You can also start the loop in Cass just by heading out Back Mountain Road. Turn left from the campground onto Gum Road (heading northeast). When Gum Road ends get on Back Mountain Road and continue northeast. From Back Mountain Road turn left onto Forest Road 235. This is a steep gravel road that takes you up Back Allegheny Mountain. When the road flattens out look to the left and you will see a gated road. This is the start of Forest Road 267. Leave FR 235 and take dual track FR 267. Stay on FR 267 until you meet the railroad tracks of Cass Scenic Railroad. Don't cross the tracks but go left which puts you on Forest Road 267B. FR 267B runs along side of the railroad tracks. In 0.7 miles there is a path across the tracks that takes you up to Bald Knob. After you come down from Bald Knob get back on FR 267B and go right to the Bald Knob Overlook. From the overlook you can see for several miles and all the way into Virginia. This is a stop for the Cass Railroad so along with the overlook are pit toilets and picnic tables. After leaving the overlook backtrack to where FR 267 first crosses the railroad tracks. Take FR 267 across the tracks and start downhill. This section of the Forest Road is single track. When the road flattens out you'll cross a double set of railroad tracks. The closest is the track to Bald Knob and the other one goes to the former town of Spruce. Turn right after crossing both sets of tracks. Go a short distance to where the road splits and take the left fork then bike around the gate. Next you will come to the Shavers Fork. While not very wide or deep it does mark the boundary between Back Allegheny Mountain and Cheat Mountain. After crossing Shavers you will begin a climb to the top of Cheat Mountain. The road surface improves to a well maintained gravel road. At the next gate the Forest Road ends so you get on the access road for Silver Creek Lodge. Take the lodge road to Snowshoe Drive. Turn left onto this road and bike south through the Snowshoe Ski Resort. The southernmost point of the resort is also the highest point on Cheat Mountain. From there the road drops off sharply until it ends at Route 66. Turn left (east) onto Route 66. Get ready for some speed as you come down off the mountain. From Route 66 turn left onto Gum Road then back to the loop's beginning at Whittaker Campground. If you had started in Cass, Route 66 takes you right back into town.

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