Fun Places To Bike In West Virginia

The Cass - Bald Knob - Snowshoe Loop is a 33 mile bike loop that goes up and down two different mountains and climbs a combined total of nearly 3000 feet. The loop first goes up Back Allegheny Mountain then visits Bald Knob , the second highest point in West Virginia. From Bald Knob you can see at least 17 mountains in two states. Bald Knob lies within the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. The park has an active railroad so you might see old-time logging steam locomotives in operation. From there it's downhill until crossing Shavers Fork. Then begins the climb up Cheat Mountain. As the loop heads towards the top of Cheat Mountain it passes through the Snowshoe Mountain Resort. After passing near the highest point on the mountain it's almost all downhill for several miles on a steep windy road where you can get up some real speed before returning to the beginning of the loop. Loop ride surface is pavement, Forest Road, dual track and non-technical single track.

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view from Bald Knob

Fun Places To Bike In West Virginia
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