Cass Loop
Virtual Ride
miles 16 to 33

This is the continuation of the bike loop that began at
Virtual Ride, First 15 Miles

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Mile:16   RT 3:01 
Forest Road 267
We go back to FR 267 where we were
earlier and take it across the tracks.
Wait around for the train to go by.
Makes a lot of smoke going downhill too.
After the smoke clears head up FR 267.
There is a short uphill section then
it's all downhill to Shavers Fork.
This section of FR 267 is dual/single
Mile:17   RT 3:11 
Forest Road 267
Mile:18   RT 3:21 
Forest Road 267
Forest Road 267
Cross both sets of tracks and go right
and then left and around the gate.
If you were to go straight instead of
left this road will take you to the
site of the historic town of Spruce in
about a mile. Old foundations
are all that remain.
A short history of Spruce HERE.
Shavers Fork
Here is where you cross Shavers Fork.
It will join with the Black Fork at
Parsons to create the Cheat River. This
is the highest large stream in the
eastern U.S.
It marks the boundary between Back
Allegheny Mountain and Cheat Mountain.
Mile:19   RT 3:35 
Forest Road 267
A sure sign of civilization. A sewage
treatment plant. You know what they say
flows downhill. So Snowshoe must be
uphill from here.
Nice place for a break. A rather
comfortable rock.
Mile:20   RT 3:42 
Forest Road 267
Forest Road 267 gate
There are no signs but this is the type
of gate the Forest Service uses
so I'm callling this the end of Forest
Road 267.
Turn right onto the access road.
Silver Creek Lodge
On the right.
Mile:21   RT 3:54 
Silver Creek Lodge Road
All kinds of traffic on this road.
Silver Creek Lodge Road
The lodge road ends at Snowshoe Drive.
Turn left onto Snowshoe Drive and
get ready for a sharp increase in traffic.
Mile:22   RT 4:01 
Snowshoe Drive
Mile:23   RT 4:09 
Snowshoe Drive
The view looking west.
Snowshoe Mountain Resort
Mile:24   RT 4:15 
Snowshoe Drive
When you get to the top of the hill in
front of you, Rejoice! This will be the
second time today you will have reached
the second highest point in the state,
depending on who you ask. Except for a
couple of short streches, it's all
downhill from there.
360 degree view from the top of Snowshoe
Mile:25   RT 4:21 
Snowshoe Drive
Going downhill.
The view looking southwest.
Mile:26   RT 4:26 
Snowshoe Drive
Short uphill section.
Mile:27   RT 4:31 
Snowshoe Drive ends
Turn left (east) onto Route 66.
The Cass sign is on Route 66.
Mile:28   RT 4:38 
Route 66
Mile:29   RT 4:43 
Route 66
Mile:30   RT 4:47 
Route 66
Really flying by now.
Mile:31   RT 4:50 
Route 66
Turn off for Gum Road
Turn left here from Route 66 onto Gum
Mile:32   RT 4:53 
Gum Road
The gap in Back Allegheny Mountain on the left is the location of Leatherbark Run.
In the early 1900s surveyors for the lumber company concluded that a railway
up alongside of Leatherbark Creek was the only feasible way to cross
the Allegheny Mountains to reach the vast spruce forests that thrived
above 4,000 feet. This is the route that Cass Scenic Railroad still uses.
Mile:32.9   RT 5:02 
Turn from Gum Road into Whittaker
The End.

Cass WV-Bald Knob-Snowshoe Loop

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