Virtual Ride with mile by mile photos

Miles 13 through 26

Canaan Loop Road Ride

The majority of these photos were taken in September of 2006. The Mileage and Ride Time (RT) figures were taken from my bike computer. Ride Time is time actually moving not total trip time. With rest breaks my total trip time is much longer. There are two photos with the each Mile and RT listing. Unless marked otherwise the first photo is the view forward and the second is the view looking back. Two views for the price of one.

Canaan Mountain is crisscrossed with many trails. I have included information if the trail meets the Loop Road.

The Canaan Loop Road Ride begins at the four way intersection in Blackwater Falls State Park. There is a parking lot near the southeast corner of the intersection. Just south of the intersection is another place to park at the Blackwater Falls Trading Post. This is also the parking lot for the path that leads down to the falls.

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Where to Park

I prefer parking at the Trading Post.
Mile: 0   RT 0:00
Blackwater Falls four way intersection.
At the intersection head east (right),
towards the lodge.
Blackwater River Bridge
First photo is looking north up
the Blackwater River from the bridge.
Second photo looking south.
Gentle Trail to
Blackwater Falls Overlook
A short side trip but walk, not ride your
bike to the overlook.
Across the road from this overlook is
where the Loop shortcut comes out.
There will be more information about
the shortcut after Mile 23.
Scenic Overlook
Mile:1     RT 0:07
Blackwater Falls Park Road
Blackwater Falls Lodge
Mile:2     RT 0:12
Blackwater Falls Park Road
Balanced Rock Trail.
Truth in advertising.
Pendleton Falls Overlook
Pose Point as seen from the overlook.
Road to Lindy Point Overlook
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.
The deer in the park are fairly tame. You
can get this close if you're careful.
Mile:3     RT 0:17
Road to Lindy Point Overlook
Trailhead for Lindy Point Overlook
We will leave the road and bike out the
trail to the overlook. The trail is easily
Mile:4    RT 0:25
Trail to Lindy Point Overlook
Lindy Point Overlook
Beginning of Forest Road 13
You can see next to the small parking
lot for Lindy Point is where the
pavement ends and the Forest Road 13
Lindy Run stream crossing
Mile:5     RT 0:40
Forest Road 13
Game Road
Mile:6     RT 0:50
Forest Road 13
Unnamed Overlook
There are stone fire rings here so it
must be a favorite camping spot.
This is directly next to the road with
the overlook just the other side of the
trees. The view down into Blackwater
Second Stream Crossing
This section of the forest road surface
is nothing but exposed bedrock. The
photos don't do it justice. It is
steep and far from smooth. The is the
worst section of the whole road.
You will see evidence along the side
of the road that either the drivers
or the vehicles weren't ready for the
conditions along here.
Mile:7     RT 1:03
Forest Road 13
There are a fair amount of water filled
potholes along this section of the
ride. The odd thing is that it hadn't
rained for over a week before these
photos were taken. I don't know if it's
because of the tree cover but these
potholes never seem to completely dry
Mile:8     RT 1:14
Forest Road 13
Mile: 8.5
Mountainside Trail No. 114
Laurel Run Crossing
This is the last barrier to vehicular
traffic. A car might make it across the
culverts but it would be close. After
this point Forest Road 13 is easily
passable by any vehicles all the way to
it's end at Route 32.
Mile:9    RT 1:24
Forest Road 13
Plantation Trail
Table Rock Trail No. 113
Since the trail out to Table Rock is too
rocky for me to bike I haven't included
the distance out and back in the Loop
Ride. A more skilled biker might not
have a problem. I just walked out. It's
well worth the trip.
The view from Table Rock
Mile:10   RT 1:30
Forest Road 13
It's all downhill for the next two miles.
Small cascade next to the road.
Mile:11    RT 1:36
Forest Road 13
Intersection with Forest Road 244.
If you were biking the
Blackwater Canyon Circle Loop
this road would take you to Route 72
and then Hendricks. But for this ride
we stay on Forest Road 13.
Mile:12   RT 1:41
Forest Road 13
Red Run and the lowest point on the ride.
The road doesn't cross Red Run but
it will parallel it as we start our
climb up Canaan Mountain. We will be
going up for the next four miles.
Railroad Grade Trail
You're not done yet.....
Climb Canaan - Miles 13 to 26

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