Canaan Loop Road Ride The local pronunciation of "Canaan" is Kuh-NANE', rather than the conventional KAY'-Nin for the Biblical region. - Wiki

Fun Places To Bike In West Virginia

The Canaan Loop Road Ride is a 26 mile bike loop on forest road and paved road that takes you up, down and around Canaan Mountain. The Ride starts in Blackwater Falls State Park and takes you along the edge of the beautiful and endangered Blackwater Canyon. Near the Lindy Point Overlook the paved park road becomes the U.S. Forest Service's unpaved Forest Road 13 (Canaan Loop Road). The first four miles of the forest road are very rough with water filled potholes and two stream crossings. It is not passable by car but loads of fun on a mountain bike. After passing over Laurel Run the road improves to a well maintained gravel surface. It stays that way till it's end at Canaan Heights. From here the Ride takes a side trip to Bearden Knob and the Dolly Sods Cam while looking for a overview of Canaan Valley. Next it's downhill to Route 32 and then a mostly downhill, and high speed, coast into Davis, West Virginia and back to the beginning of the Ride at the park. With it's elevation changes of over 900 feet and lack of traffic on Forest Road 13, this is an excellent biking workout.

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Fun Places To Bike In West Virginia
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