Miles 0 through 12

Canaan Loop Road Ride

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Mile:13   RT 1:56
Forest Road 13
For the next 4 miles it's all uphill.
Pointy Knob Trail
Mile:14.1   RT 2:06
Forest Road 13
I slightly overshot mile 14.
Lindy Run Trail No. 109
Mile:15    RT 2:14
Forest Road 13
Fire Trail No. 6 (TR 108)
Red Run crosses under the road.
Blackwater Canaan X-country Ski Trail
Trail is on the outside of the Loop.
Mile:16    RT 2:22
Forest Road 13
Canaan Mountain meadow
360 degree pan
Davis Trail No. 107
Mile:17     RT 2:29
Forest Road 13
Mile:18     RT 2:33
Forest Road 13
Fire Trail No. 3 (TR 104)
Forest Service Gate
Mile:19   RT 2:40
Forest Road 13
At this point there starts to be houses,
cabins and For Sale signs along the road.
Since this is Canaan Heights there must
be some place with a view of the
Canaan Valley. Think I'll try to find it.
Part of the ad reads "This is the last
vacant lot on the Loop Road overlooking
the Valley".
Here's the view down into Canaan Valley
from someone's yard.
I knocked to ask permission first.
Route 32 and Canaan Heights
From here you catch Route 32 and coast
back to Davis but I'm going to keep
looking for a good view. Cut across 32
and get on Canaan Heights Road.
Looks like they have a nice view.
With that sign and barbed wire, guess
they don't want to share it.
Mile:20   RT 2:46
Canaan Heights Road
Directly ahead is Bearden Knob Road. We
turn right onto that road. Then up.
Forest Service gate at the the end of
Bearden Knob Rd.
On top of Bearden Knob is the a weather
monitoring station and the Dolly Sods
. While I was taking these pictures the
Park Service employee who services this
equipment drove up. He told me that in
winter sometimes there is so much snow
up here he doesn't have to unlock the
fence. He just steps over it.
Go around the fence to the left.
The treeline marks the edge of
the Nation Forest. Park your bike at
the marker and have a look around.
By the looks of the sign this will be a
a development soon. Better get up here
and check out the view before someone
puts up another barbed wire fence.
There was no overlook per se but by
walking around and look through the
trees you could see most of Canaan
Valley. Well I got my view so time
to head down the mountain.
Get back on Beardon Knob Road and coast
down to Route 32. Be sure to STOP.
Mile:21     RT 2:54
Intersection of Bearden Knob Road
and Route 32
Mile:22     RT 2:58
Route 32
Headed downhill towards Davis.
Mile:23   RT 3:00
Route 32
You can get up some real speed on this
section of road as you come off Canaan.
Reached the bottom of the downhill
coast. Looking at the bridge to Davis
and what looks to be construction of
a new bridge.
To the left of the bridge is the
beginning of the Loop Shortcut.
Click on the link to check out the
Shortcut. We're going to stay on the
Loop Ride. Cross the bridge.
View of the Blackwater River from
the bridge. First looking north then
Mile:24    RT 3:04 
Route 32
Just the other side of the Blackwater
River bridge in the town of Davis WV.
Turnoff for Blackwater Falls Road.
This will take us back into the park.
Mile:25   RT 3:10
Blackwater Falls Road
Look to your right and you'll see
the windmills on Backbone Mountain.
Mile:25.9   RT 3:14
Four Way Intersection
Back at our starting point in
Blackwater Falls State Park
Now we are coming from the
opposite direction from when we last
saw the interesection.
End of the Loop
One final note. If you are interested
in camping after your ride I can highly
recommend the Park campground. Just go
right at the intersection.

Loop Shortcut

There is a Loop Shortcut that runs from
Route 32 to the park road near the
Blackwater Falls Overlook. The shortcut
is 1.5 miles in length and reduces the
complete Loop Ride length by 1 mile.
It uses the River Road Trail.
The shortcut begins to the left of the
Blackwater River bridge into Davis.
This first section of the shortcut
is on a road that seems to be active.
It passes this interesting river
monitoring device. It was installed
by the USGS to record river depth.
You can now get current river depth
by clicking here.
Looks like the road usage was for the
construction of new piping to the local
sewage treatment pond. The ducks seem
to like it here.
After the pond the road looks less used
and a lot more muddy.
Stream crossing.
Heavy tree cover just before the shortcut
ends at the park road. The group of cars
across the road are in the overlook
parking lot.

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