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The Blackwater Canyon Circle Loop is a 34 mile bike loop that will take you in a complete circle around the beautiful , and endangered, Blackwater Canyon. There are numerous canyon views, three different waterfalls and a height change of over 1600 feet. Most all of the loop riding surface is rail-trail, forest road or paved road. The main uphill section of the trip is on the Blackwater Canyon Trail who's grade is no steeper than 3% (3 foot up for every 100 foot forward). I call it the Blackwater Canyon Circle Loop since the name Blackwater Canyon Loop was already taken.

The ride begins at Hendricks WV. Park at the trailhead for the Allegheny Highlands Trail on State Route 72. Bike up the Blackwater Canyon Trail to where it intersects with Douglas Road. Take Douglas Road to Route 32 and turn right. Stay on 32 until you see the sign for Davis. Turn right onto the gravel road in front of the sign. This is private land but it is not posted. The gravel road will lead you to the old Davis Branch rail bed. Follow the rail bed to Pendleton Lake. There you leave the old branch line and enter Blackwater Falls State Park. The park road will take you to the Pendleton Point Overlook and then to the Blackwater Falls Trading Post where you can walk down to see the falls up close. Continue on the park road across the Blackwater River to Forest Road 13 (Canaan Loop Road) which runs along the eastern edge of the canyon. Stay on FR 13 until it meets Forest Road 244. Continue downhill on FR 244 until it ends at State Route 72. Turn right onto SR 72. It will take you back to the beginning of the loop in Hendricks.

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