Blackwater Canyon Trail

The Blackwater Canyon Trail is a 10 mile long rail-trail that runs through the beautiful Blackwater Canyon from Thomas to Hendricks, West Virginia. It lies on the old rail bed of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburg Railway that was built through the canyon in 1888. The rail line was so steep that extra locomotives were stationed in Hendricks to help push trains up what was known as the Black Fork Grade. The trail drops 1229 feet over its 10 mile length as it descends Backbone Mountain. This translates to a easy downhill coast on a bike and a good workout when going the other direction.

From the trail you can see both natural and historic sites. Douglas Falls, Lindy Point Overlook, Coketon Coke Ovens, Blackwater Canyon, Big Run Culvert, Canyon Point and the Blackwater River. Unfortunately both the trail and the canyon are endangered by logging and development. Be sure to support Friends of Blackwater Canyon if you want to help protect this most unique place.

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